+ How secure are Pentagon Locks?

All of our locks are Sold Secure Gold certified. This is the highest bike security rating by Sold Secure, a premier testing and certification organization, owned and administrated by the Master Locksmiths Association in the UK.

+ What does the 1-15 Pentagon Locks security scale mean?

The Pentagon Locks security rating assists customers in finding the appropriate lock for their security needs. All locks are rated on a scale of 1 to 15 to reflect their level of security. We advise our customers to consider external and objective security ratings such as Sold Secure before any internal ranking by any lock manufacturer.

+ Does my lock come with a warranty?

Yes, it does. Pentagon Locks provides a 6-month product warranty for all our products, beginning from the date of purchase by the original user. Product warranty will be extended to a period of 2 years, free of charge, when you register your key on our website. For more information on the product warranty please see the warranty page.

+ How do I apply for the extended 2-year product warranty?

In order to apply your 2-year product warranty you must register your key here.

+ Can I order new keys?

Pentagon locks key duplication service allows you to register your keys online and order a new set at a time of your convenience. Once your keys are registered you can easily order keys by contacting us here. Your duplicated set of keys will be delivered directly to your address.

+ Can I order a new key without a duplication code number?

It is necessary to register your duplication code online or to provide the key code number. Unfortunately, we can’t make any new keys without this information.

+ Can I get multiple locks that can be opened with a single key? Is this possible?

Currently this is not possible. Stay tuned for updates on this issue.

+ Do the D-locks come with an adaptor for mounting?

The multi adaptor is sold separately. The reason for this is that we know that many cyclists don’t use adaptors for mounting and prefer other solutions for transporting their lock. By selling the multi adaptor separately we offer our customers the option to choose their preferred solution and a chance to save an unnecessary cost to those who don’t need an adaptor.

+ How do I install the adaptor?

Installation is quick and easy. For full installation instructions please see the installation video.

+ I have a problem, can you help?

Sorry to hear that. All our products are made of the highest quality materials and workmanship. However, from time to time issues can occur and we are here to help. Please contact us here for any matter.

We put a lot of effort in providing high level customer service and solutions to any problems that our customers might encounter. We aim to review and respond to all customer service-related requests within 2 business days.

+ I’ve bought a lock from the Pentagon Locks website and would like to return it, how can I do that?

Please check out our returns policy page here for further information.


If your question wasn't answered please feel free to Contact us and we will do our best to answer any question and clarify any issue